St Pauli links

11 Freunde

Magazine focusing on international football culture


Germany's leading football magazine

Rettet St. Pauli!

A fan initiative that aims at collecting donations to help FC St. Pauli receive its license for the 2003/04 season.

Svensk Fotboll

Swedish football - everything there is to know, and you never dared to ask.

St. Pauli Supporters Sverige

The only FC St. Pauli Fan Club in Sweden.

St. Pauli Forum

The St. Pauli Forum is allows an extensive exchange of ideas with other St. Pauli fans from around the world.

FC St. Pauli Fanladen

The official Fan Shop

The home of all FC St Pauli suporters in the UK.

FC St. Pauli

The official homepage of our mighty football club.

Heiko Hebig

Heiko talks about Internet technology and culture in his personal weblog. Also: photo galleries, not only from St. Pauli.

Jörg Heikhaus

Jörg's Heliumcowboy Artspace is an art gallery and event location open to Hamburg's creative community.

Nightlife Hamburg

A guide to clubs and bars in Hamburg (Schanze & St. Pauli)